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Cam Score

*Disclaimer* This blog is written from the opinion of a veteran myfreecams (MFC) member with what I consider significant experience of the site. This blog is not 'official' advice from MFC and is not endorsed by MFC officially in any way. It is also not written from the perspective of a Model, so it is not the 'be all and end all' of advice and tips, however, I hope that I encompass the main issues and points. I am also not making any attempt to 'bad mouth' MFC in any way shape or form within the blog, my comments are simply trying to give a realistic and informed view on what models should and can expect from camming on MFC, in order that they can benefit themselves, MFC (through a better understanding on how to operate on MFC) and make a choice as to whether MFC is right for them. I write this blog under my rights to Freedom of Expression and cite Article 19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights*Disclaimer*

This post will cover the 'complex' and contentious issue of 'Cam Score' it will describe what it is, how it effects your experience on (MFC), tips on how to maintain and positively affect it and an analysis of differing opinions regarding Cam Score.

1. Overview
2. How does it affect your MFC experience?
3. How can you keep your CamScore stable and improve upon it?
4. Does CamScore really matter?
5. Contact


1. What is MFC Cam Score?

To quote direct from the MFC wiki Cam Score is:

'By default, the Model List is ordered by CamScore. Members can change this order in their Model List Settings.

CamScore is calculated based on the performance of each model on the site over some period of time. It is updated several times per day.

All models start with a CamScore of 1000, which is the average CamScore for all models on the site.

Models may improve their CamScore by earning more tokens.'

Very vague isn’t it? Of course it is, notice the final statement 'Models may improve their CamScore by earning more tokens'? This is because (no offence meant to MFC), MFC is very concerned about it's models earning as many tokens as possible, so it can take as much profit as possible. MFC also states on another area of their wiki 'Please DO NOT contact us about CamScore, as it is against our policy to discuss it. ‘Very cloak and dagger isn’t it? They certainly do themselves no favours in courting conspiracy around it.

But what this actually translates to for a model?

One of the problems for models around understanding CamScore is its definition has changed over time, what factors in CamScore has probably changed overtime as well. The description on what Camscore is has become more basic and vague. MFC naturally like to tinker with it to increase their profit margins and don't like to be too transparent about it.

I shall endeavour however, to clear the midst.

To put it in more understandable terms, CamScore is calculated by a method of the amount of tokens you (models) earn over the amount of time you have spent online. What the MFC description neglects to tell you is, your CamScore is in a constant state of flux (movement), you can improve your CamScore beyond the 1000 starting average, but it can also drop dramatically. To my knowledge the following used to, do or at other points in time factored in and affected your CamScore in Positive/Negative ways:

  • Rating and Admiring via your profile (Where it has 5 stars on your profile and where it says admire) used to factor in your CamScore and by getting members to Rate you 5 stars and admire you, this would affect your CamScore positively.
  • Ratings received from Private Shows
  • Tokens over time ratio (how many tokens you earn for the amount of time you have been broadcasting live)

Given the current description from MFC the first two points may no longer factor in Cam Score anymore (MFC don't tell us their exact calculation), although you would think if for example the rating and admiring on profiles no longer factored, MFC would simply remove it from the site entirely, as it would serve no real purpose. Therefore, we have to reasonably presume that the three points above are what factors in the calculating of your Cam Score, the third point, Tokens over Time, been the most important of the three. In addition, as MFC states in another section of their wiki quite bluntly 'How can I improve my camscore? Earn more tokens' that the third point is pretty much what is going to make the most significant improvement or dent in your CamScore.

One final point to make on CamScore is it is re-calculated every 4-6 hours automatically provided you have signed in since it was last calculated. So if for example you received a big tip and you don't see any change to your CamScore, it's probably because you need to allow time for the re-calculation and signing in and out might help. MFC wiki for example advises that if you have a great day one day, you might want to check your CamScore the following day, allowing time for a re-calculation, if you want to see how your great day truly affected your CamScore.

How does it affect your MFC Experience?

2. CamScore will affect how you are 'ranked' and placed on the overall 'Main' pages of the MFC website to members. Naturally this means the higher you’re CamScore the higher you will be placed or 'ranked', the higher you are, it follows the more likely you are to be spotted by members on MFC upon seeing the main pages. (Because without filters or keywords the site appears to members as essentially a free for all with models from page one at the top going from rank 1 to rank whatever) This of course follows that the more likely you are to be spotted by members the more likely you will get more premiums into your room, ergo more potential for more tokens for you.

Consequently if your CamScore takes a plummet this means you will end up on the end pages of the site and will be tucked away, harder to find and therefore may find it harder to fill your room with premium members. That is on the face of it anyway.

How can you keep your CamScore stable and improve upon it?

3. Essentially as I mentioned earlier the most important factor in calculating CamScore is the amount of Tokens you make and how long it took you to make them. Which means a big part of keeping your Cam Score high is down to you and what ways and means you employ to make tokens, maximising your time live.

However, there are some 'tricks' you can use to assist in maintaining your Cam Score which will probably lead to it increasing or at the very least minimise the decrease if you’re experiencing a slow period.

  • Ask everyone in your room to rate you 5 stars and admire you, remind basics that if they can't tip at least to rate and admire you.
  • If you’re having a slow period, instead of waiting around online making no tokens, log out of MFC (Maybe log into another Camsite and earn some money there for awhile).
  • Think of your time live as a stopwatch winding down. If you haven’t had any significant amount of tokens after 30 minutes, have a break and come back. This will also show your room members that your time is a commodity and they need to keep you there with tokens. The worst thing you can do is sit around online for 5-6 hours and make less than 1500-2000 tokens in that time (Depending on what you want out of MFC, obviously I'm talking from the point of view of models who want to make as many tokens as possible in the long term).
  • By offering saleable items (Raffle Tickets, Panties, Skype show down payments, Pictures, Videos, Pre-Payments for when your next online) which can be purchased via 'offline tips' these tips can increase your camscore significantly. Always remind your room before you log out that they can tip you offline for rewards once you receive the tip or return. MFC see the idea of a model who can make them money even when she isn’t even broadcasting online as maximising profit and therefore reward it (In CamScore terms offline tips count about 1.5 to double an online tip).
  • If you’re having a look at other models because you want to see how a top model performs to get some ideas or maybe you just enjoy looking at the other models yourself. Make sure you are not logged in under your live model profile. Even if you do not broadcast your cam, just by been online this will still count as been live and not earning any tokens. Make a different member profile to take a look at other models if you intend to do so, so your CamScore on your number one model profile is not affected.
  • If you intend to leave your cam for longer than 15 minutes, it is better to log out altogether rather than setting your status to 'Away', as 'Away your still logged in and that Cam Score stop watch will still be ticking. Obviously if your just taking a quick 15 minute break it is better to set yourself as 'Away' as members are more likely to wait in your room and not leave if they see you as 'Away' rather than offline.

Does CamScore really matter?

4. There are conflicting opinions on how much CamScore matters to a Model and you will get different opinions from different members and indeed different models.

It depends on your situation and what you want from MFC which will determine how much CamScore matters to you.

As I explained earlier about how the ranking of the site is based on CamScore in the long term if you want to use MFC as a business venture, you want to get into that Top 20-30 models eventually, then CamScore matters and it can, in the long term, lead to allot of 'exposure' i.e. allot more premiums in your room when you go live. It will also lead you on the path to the Top 20 which brings monetary bonuses. I don't think I need go any further as to why it matters. To add to this sometimes members who view a models CamScore sometimes make a judgement call on whether or not to enter the room based on CamScore, if it is high they think, this model is popular, there is a reason her CamScore is high she must be good. If it is very low, they maybe think there is a reason it is so low, this model maybe isn’t so good.

On the other hand, allot of premium members don't view the main page as a huge list of models ranked by CamScore, they use the country filters, the keyword search function, model explorer and 'models you may like' to find models that suit their needs. Also allot of premium members know high CamScore doesn’t always equal the best models. Some models with a low CamScore are actually very approachable, friendly, giving, reasonable and deserving (maybe more so) of a members tokens than those with a high CamScore. Sometimes models didn't learn to 'play the game' quick enough and made some early mistakes which was detrimental to their score. Often models can find themselves earning a good amount and been no where near the top 50 models, through working to their niche and having a small loyal fan base who keep them going.

Ultimately weighing up the two views, it is probably advisable to pay attention to CamScore but not to become obsessed with it and not to worry if you see it decreasing. It is a good idea to try to keep it at a level around your starting mark of 1000 (Indeed the MFC wiki suggests 1000 is good and anything from 2000 onwards is very good) and if you take on board some of the tricks of the trade you will probably find your CamScore does not drop too dramatically without having to put too much effort into raising it either. As well, do not start to check out how your CamScore is doing until you feel comfortable with the site and the interface, that you have a few months behind you first before you start to think about looking at the situation, whether you want to put some effort into the raising it or whether your comfortable with your score having not paid any heed to it.

The MFC wiki poses the question 'Is CamScore really important' and answer it saying 'No it is just a number, our suggestion is to ignore it'. Therefore I would take this on board when thinking about CamScore. Yet, you must bear in mind that CamScore is there for a reason (other sites don't have it, MFC do), also MFC keep changing and re-calculating it and refuse to discuss it, nor will they reveal the exact calculation on it. This is a strange attitude towards something that 'does not matter', if it truly had very little bearing on a MFC models earning potential, MFC would be allot more transparent about it, in my opinion anyway. I would close by saying to take steps to maintain and improve it, yet not to think you must be constantly checking it and being totally on top of it, CamScore is not the single factor on MFC which will make you a good and profitable cam model, but it is a part of MFC and can contribute.


5. If you wish to ask any questions relating to this blog and it's post, you have any suggestions on specific topics you would like covered in future posts on this blog or just a quick advice question on camming in general, you can contact me via.

Twitter : @BigBen1987


Email: (Put MFC Blog as the subject)


My MFC BigBen_C1987


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  2. I wish MFC would do away with the whole camscore thing. It's ruining MFC. It causes some models to go offline after a few minutes without tokens. This makes them appear greedy & bitchy. No guy wants to spend money on a greedy and/or bitchy model.

  3. That is disheartening to read as a new MFC girl.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. I hope to see you around sometime.


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  5. First off, thanks for writing this, I am seriously sick of this 'camscore' bullshit. I've been on MFC two weeks and I cannot seem to get it to go up, even though I get regular tips and have good regulars. I noticed that the TWO WHOLE DAYS I had the ''new model'' tag I had over 100 people in my room, once that was gone, I can barely hit 30 on a good day. It is a clearly bias system meant to promote ONLY the top earners.. of which I could be, given a decent chance. Mega sigh.

    Secondly, thanks for the visit in my first week, you certainly gave me an education in penis's! o.O!


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